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Learn more about what R M Faught can do for you. We can give you a superb and friendly HVAC services and AC installation. Everybody who lives in Manassas VA knows how important AC unit could be. Read for the HVAC services that we give you and more. We like what we do, and we do it with great passion. Our HVAC contractors are well-trained, experienced and reliable.


It is good for you to make sure that you live and work in a safe environment because the air quality is essential for your health. Some serious health problems might be caused by high temperature and the humidity, toxic microorganisms, the lack of fresh air and oxygen and many more various infections. The defective air conditioning may provoke respiratory tract problems like coughing, sore throat, runny, blocked nose as well as the allergic reactions like watering eyes, itchy nose and coughs. In the worse cases of them all it can be develop into asthma, sinusitis and humidifier fever.

For those and many reasons, you must have your AC running perfect. For HVAC repairs and installs our staff…

HVAC services in Manassas VAIs extremely professional and complete the services quickly and from the first time. That is a fact because before being hired, all technicians are passing a complete drug test, physical and personality exam. Plus that, they must also undergo a criminal background check, also before any men begins servicing customers and their air conditioners, they must complete an apprenticeship program with factory training. All of our heating contractors are neatly dressed, clean cut, respectful, courteous and polite with clients and their houses. That and many reasons are why R M Faught is one of the best heating contractors in Manassas VA. Schedule your appointment today for any air conditioning service.

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The process of selecting an air conditioning system and installing it can be a difficult task no matter if it is for your home or business. We from R M Faught of Manassas VA was originally established to take those and more decisions as economical and reasonable as possible. The company is can and will provide a wide range of the most energy efficient and the most recent AC units from manufacturers that are highly trusted. Our staff is trained to deliver quality AC installation service, but it is not only that, they can also evaluate the position of your AC unit so it will not be an obvious part of your landscaping but still run as efficiently as possible.

Our HVAC contractorsAir conditioningOur HVAC services.

Professional HVAC repair contractor at your service

HVAC repairIt’s not an easy task to learn how AC system work including how to diagnose the problems and how to repair them. Simple but efficient way of preventing hundreds of dollars worth of AC repair is to have your unit inspected regularly. Our licensed and certified specialists will help you for all of your HVAC repair service needs you may have. We know how important is to have properly working AC system so don’t underestimate the first signs of some major problem. Our professional AC repair services in Manassas, VA will make you feel comfortable in you home again.

Reliable air conditioning service

The accumulation of dust can block air from entering the the equipment thereby decreasing its efficiency. Regular clean up of the air-conditioner filter can resolve this problem. If there is too much dirt on the filter of your AC system, you may need our reliable AC repair services to change it and save the equipment from damage. We are reputable AC repair company with years of experience so you can be sure that we make no compromises with the quality of our work.

Something more about our HVAC services.

Greates AC Units with R M FaughtHVAC systems are complex and sophisticated pieces of equipment. Some people even are calling them engines that drive your house. The compare goes even further because like any car, without routine checkups and maintenance, every single equipment breakdowns eventually. When they do, R M Faught of Manassas VA is unquestionably the right HVAC contractor to contact.

For many years, R M Faught has been the leading commercial and residential HVAC contractor in Manassas VA, giving you quality repairs and AC installation service with marvelous customer care. We have built an exceptional name, because your satisfaction and comfort are our number one priority.

We are insured, bonded, and licensed. Our experienced HVAC technicians are clean, polite, professional, always wear badges and uniforms and use floor protectors in your home. Our customer service department goes out of their way to make sure your needs are taken care of.

Read our AC maintenance tips

Check the filter: Always check the filters of your air conditioning, because a blocked air filtration system will make the AC overwork. This can lead to suck air into the system, which means not so well properly working AC. If the system is unattended and dirty enough, it may eventually blow off the debris and dust across the ducts, which ultimately disperse the allergens and dirt across the area.

Clean the surrounding environment of your air conditioning: Remove anything that might possibly block your air conditioning unit from pulling in air during operations. Piles of leaves, potted plants, or rocks that are placed too proximate to your area can impact negatively the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

HVAC contractorPrepare the AC. Make sure your air conditioning is ready for the harsh conditions of the climate by working with professional technicians like R M Faught for repairs and maintenance.

AC repair. Probably the most important is the yearly inspections: An effective and quite simple way of preventing hundreds of dollars worth of AC repairs is to have your unit inspected once a year at least. A certified and licensed HVAC repair contractor like R M Faught must be sought after. For a decent charge, the mechanics will diagnose all the parts of the air conditioning to guarantee that it is working as it should be. The inspection covers the cooling systems, refrigerant levels, cabling, ducts and oil.